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Chapter 2-08

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Apr. 25th, 2009 | 04:10 am

DREAM TOO DARKLY -- if you see this text & not the comic, try Ctrl+Refresh'ing, else Photobucket.com might be experiencing temp problems. Be patient, thanks! --DAV

Yikes -- huge Moniker, and not invisible!
I finally get to debut the eyeball creatures which I've intended to be a huge plot element since I first conceived of D2D. Of course it won't be till quite a bit later (!) before we see their full potential & origins...
The Moniker already turned back to invisible upon seeing the flying eyeball...

I'm happy with the background filler; the sketchy/cloudy grey jazz, instead of like a plain white/light grey background in a box. Yes, must stay away from traditional paneling!

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